The first AI agent that reviews contracts with lawyer-level accuracy

Published on: Jun 11, 2024

Today marks a significant chapter in our journey—one that blends the grit of survival with the triumph of innovation. I am both proud and humbled to announce our product launch, and our one of a kind collaboration with Wilson Sonsini.

Just six months ago, Dioptra stood at a crossroads. We faced the daunting reality of our startup life: our company — focused on building dev tools for AI and ML engineers — was dying. Yet, as part of our unwavering efforts to sell, reviewing contracts was tedious. Lawyers were too expensive and chatGPT wasn’t cutting it, so we were spending hours doing it ourselves. Until it hit us! We decided to pivot and focus entirely on developing a best-in-class AI contract review agent;

And today, we’re thrilled to announce the introduction of our AI Agent that reviews contracts with the accuracy of lawyers, be it for negotiation, due diligence or compliance use cases.

As we spoke to founders, business owners and legal teams, it became clear: we were getting into a trust-first industry where accuracy and reliability were paramount. As it turned out, the two years we had invested toward building dev tools for AI and ML engineers to help them build more reliable and resilient AI systems resulted in an unfair technological advantage for us in the legal AI space.

The closest thing to human contract review

Legal playbooks are the backbone of standardized contract negotiation, containing complex legal rules and intricate remedies.

At first, Wilson Sonsini was skeptical as to our ability to apply those playbooks accurately and consistently. Today most solutions barely achieve 50% accuracy on complex playbooks. Our goal was to set a new standard, and that’s exactly what we did—achieving a higher accuracy mark than the ambitious 90% target Wilson Sonsini had set. In fact, Dioptra consistently achieved high accuracies: 95% on first-party contracts, 92% on third-party contracts and 94% on issue detection (critical for Due Diligence and Compliance use cases).

There are 2 things that sets Dioptra apart. First, it leverages the latest AI agentic frameworks to produce advanced legal reasoning that rivals those of lawyers. Dioptra’s high precision, combined with the utmost transparency is what gave the WSGR team the confidence that we were onto something. “I was extremely impressed with some of the advanced reasoning.” said Chris Brookhart (Wilson Sonsini's lead on the project), “The agent correctly made some advanced logical connections I never would have expected, and having the agent explain its positions gave me a lot of confidence in its analysis.”

Second, Dioptra has the ability to handle the subtleties of legal language with elegance — both in its detection of issues and making nuanced in-line edits without overhauling entire clauses unnecessarily. This level of sophistication ensures that even the most complex clauses, with multiple issues or single issues affecting multiple clauses, are handled with finesse.

Close Second wasn’t good enough

When we started talking to law firms 6 months ago, the recurring feedback we heard was “We are risk averse [...] we’ll make sure to be close second”. But that wasn’t David’s (CIO at Wilson Sonsini) reply back to us. He was certainly skeptical but intrigued too.

For an AI Agent in the legal space, quality is the most important factor to gain true efficiency. Dioptra was consistently 92%+ accurate on first party reviews, third party reviews and issue detections we tested.
David Wang, CIO Wilson Sonsini

Today, Wilson Sonsini uses Dioptra in connection with its newly announced Neuron Commercial service, a fixed-fee commercial contracting offering for cloud services companies. The firm will leverage Dioptra’s AI agent to support attorney review of customer agreements, helping clients close their revenue deals faster, more accurately, and at predictable prices.

Closing Thoughts

Today’s announcement is a testament to what visionary partnering can achieve. Our goal is to make contract reviewing 10x faster and 10x less expensive. Wilson Sonsini recognized the unparalleled accuracy of Dioptra’s product, compared to other solutions, and the firm shares our commitment to excellence and innovation, and the value of rigorous and thorough testing.

To our supporters, team, and partners: thank you for believing in Dioptra. To our readers, please reach out with your feedback or ideas. We’d love to hear from you.

Dioptra is backed by Y Combinator, Engineering Capital and NVIDIA Inception. It is also partnering with Faculty from the Engineering school of Columbia University. Dioptra's founders worked both in academia and industry in companies like Spotify, IBM Watson and Yahoo. At Dioptra, we believe that Lawyers should focus on high value lawyering. For more information, please contact us at

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